Twitter Guide for promoting your affiliate site

You may or may not already be using twitter for your affiliate website, it’s a handy way to get your message out, but it’s also hard to get heard amongst all the chatter and to engage users. So CherryAffiliates has put together a little guide to help you get the most out of using twitter for your websites.

Keep your name the same

When setting up your twitter, try to get a username the same as your website. So if you have, choose the username @footballtips

Have your details in your profile

If people see what they like when you’re tweeting they might check out your profile, and when they do make sure you have your website listed there so they can easily visit your website.

Use hashtags

A good way to reach users who aren’t following you is to use hashtags. Try to aim for 2-5 hashtags so you’ll get picked up on different topics. But make sure they are engaging using things like #review won’t get you any traffic. Try things like #freebet, #freebonus . Check out to see how popular your hashtag is and related tags

Interact with others

If someone tweets you or mentions you, make sure you give them a like or a retweet. This will keep them engaged and more likely to mention you again in the future. But don’t be shy to reaching out to others either, search hashtags that you’d use and reply to some other people’s tweets.

Schedule tweets to save time

Think tweeting sounds like it needs a lot of time? It doesn’t need to. There are handy tools such as buffer and hootsuite that let you schedule your tweets for the day and will auto publish throughout the day (make sure you don’t forget to tweet in different time zones if you have an international site). These tools also track the number of clicks your links get, they will also shorten your links to save space in your tweets.

Post often

You might think posting 3 or 4 times a day will be enough, but don’t under estimate how fast twitter moves. Scheduling 20 tweets per day will get your voice heard more. You might lose a few followers for posting too much, but you’ll also capture the attention of more people this way and get new followers.

Post articles from the archives

You don’t need to just post new articles, current content and latest offers. Have some old sportsbook reviews? Send those out into the twitterverse, your followers might have not read it before.

Start your own twitter chat

Twitter chats are getting more and more popular these days; you might want to start one for your site. It will also help you gain new followers. To get started, pick a day and time you want to host your chat. These generally last an hour. You can be the host, or someone might want to volunteer. Each week the host picks a topic to discuss, and then there are generally 3-5 questions asked within the hour and then discussed with everyone using your own twitter chat hashtag (example: #TipsterChat).

In our opinion twitter works best for social topics such as sports, bingo and lottery, you may find it harder to engage casino players via twitter as they generally like to stay anonymous.

If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]