The Cherry Christmas is back for all affiliates!

Affiliate Incentive Promotion

This December, your players will be overwhelmed with bonuses, missions, tournaments, and cash-races across all brands. But now it’s time for YOU as our loyal and dedicated affiliates to get into the Cherry Christmas spirit and enjoy our incentive promotion all December.

Besides our great working relationship with you all year round, we are excited to reward your extra efforts this month! The extra commissions will be paid in January along with your commissions.

Reward Here is what you just have to do!
€400.00 Feature us on your homepage
€50.00 Write and post an article or send a mailer about our award-winning brands
€50.00 CPA Bonus!

Contact us now to opt-in to this promotion! We are looking forward to an awesome festive season with all of you!

Please read the Terms and Conditions below, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

General Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid from 1st December 2016 – 31st December 2016 (midnight CET). Any New Depositing Customers referred prior or after these dates will be void from the promotion.
  • Affiliates must have sent at least 1 new depositing player in the last 6 months (1st June 2016 – 30th November 2016)
  • The promotion is valid only for the following brands: CherryCasino, NorgesSpill and Eurolotto
  • Affiliates must contact the CherryAffiliates team to “Opt-In” to this promotion
  • Please be aware that only affiliates that have personally received this incentive via email or via the messaging system are eligible to participate and this offer cannot be extended to third-parties.
  • This offer is exclusive and restricted to the username attached to the email address and will include all sites linked to that username e.g. one affiliate has multiple sites if he meets or exceeds the targets on one or all of those sites he will get one bonus payment.
  • Any cash bonuses will be paid along with any affiliate earnings from December within the 1st 10 working days of January
  • This promotion is offered as a fun and fair bonus for all of our affiliates. Anyone deemed to be exploiting them or acting in a manner not in the spirit of fair play may be excluded from receiving prizes.
  • CherryAffiliates retains the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time with 24 hours’ notice. Updates will be via the CherryAffiliates blog.
  • For further clarification please read the full CherryAffiliates Terms and Conditions.

Stocking Fillers

Affiliates will be able to claim the following cash bonuses during the promotional period

€400 – Homepage exposure for the promotional period

  1. Affiliates who already promote our brands on their homepage will be exempt from this bonus.
  2. Exposure is defined as: text link, logo, banner, article for our Brands – CherryCasino, NorgesSpill or Eurolotto
  3. Any links MUST be on the HomePage for the entire promotional period
  4. The bonus will be paid out for a minimum of 1 NDP
  5. This bonus is limited to a maximum payment of €400 per affiliate
  6. Affiliates must contact the CherryAffiliates Team to claim and provide link to website before and after homepage exposure

€50 – Articles written and posted online

  1. New articles ONLY are valid for this bonus
  2. Articles must have UNIQUE copy.
  3. This bonus is limited to a maximum payment of €200 per affiliate
  4. Affiliates must contact the CherryAffiliates Team to claim and provide link to published article

€50 CPA Bonus

  1. To qualify as a “New Depositing Customer” for this bonus the player must be:
    1. New to the casino, register an account, deposit at least €50 within the promotional period of 1st December 2016 – 31st December 2016 (midnight CET).
  2. This bonus is payable only if you double your November new depositing customer amount ie; if you did not deliver any NDC’s in November, you target is 1 OR for example you delivered 2, your target will be 4.
  3. This bonus is limited to a maximum payment of €500 per affiliate
  4. Affiliates who are currently on a CPA or hybrid reward plan will be exempt from this bonus.