How to optimise your traffic using Omarsys

At CherryAffiliates we have our own proprietary affiliate tracking software called Omarsys. This has been designed with years of experience using other platforms as well as having a solid grasp of affiliates needs. It’s a constant work in progress and we’re constantly improving our platform.

However, at the moment we have a lot of features available to affiliates to aid traffic optimisation which is under used by many affiliates.

We’ve put together a guide how to get the most out of your traffic, but as you know every affiliate site is different and what works for some, won’t necessarily work for others. It’s all about trial and error, however we’ve got the tools to help you figure it out.


Within your affiliate account you have the opportunity to add different ‘channels’. These could be various websites, or sources such as social media or email marketing. To set this up, simply add a new channel, and when selecting a tracking link – select the channel that you’ll be using. That way you’ll have a clear overview of which sources are performing better for you.

There is a Channels Reports available within the reports section that will give you a full overview of each channel and media used. Everything is reported on from Views to Deposits.

Dynamic Parameters

Omarsys allows you to add dynamic parameters to your tracking links, allowing to further track your traffic. This can be easily added by adding &var=example1,example2 at the end of the tracking code’s URL. You can add up to 10 different dynamic parameters and separate each one with a comma.

You can add variables such to ‘top10list’, ‘logo’, ‘CTA’, or a combination – ‘inner_review,CTA’ and so on. Within our Dynamic Variables report each variable is clearly shown along with the number of impressions, clicks, registrations, NDC and FTD each variable receives.

This will allow you to drill down into the specific parts of your site, and you’ll easily be able to see what is converting best from your site, and allow you to optimise your placements.

Redirects URLs

Can’t find the link you’re looking for? Simply use our redirect URL function. This feature allows you to send traffic to ANY page on our sites. Perhaps you’d like to link to an uncommon part of the site – such as the withdrawal method page. Not a problem, simply enter the URL you’d like to redirect to when grabbing your banner. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different URLs and figure out what best works for your traffic.

If you need any assistance in optimising your traffic using Omarsys, please get in touch with us at – [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to this up for you.

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