The ideal way to communicate with your database is by sending them targeted and relevant emails. Maximising the information available on customer activity is a great way to ensure that you only send players and potential players promotions and offers which are relevant to them. In doing so this increases the likelihood of a positive response from the activity as targeted communication techniques are proven to generate the best results. In this way, all parties benefit from the activity which has been undertaken and more players are likely to sign up and therefore the affiliates are likely to earn more commissions. Loyalty is also generated as players appreciate the effort to service their needs rather then being bombarded with irrelevant communications.


Email marketing should be the backbone of any successful affiliate marketing campaign. Using a database wisely can often give a higher return rate than broader spectrum approaches and the value of mailers should never be overlooked. Mailers however are not the only marketing tool available to ComeOn Connect affiliates. Read the rest of our marketing section to discover the other great tools our affiliates have access to from the moment they sign up. All marketing activities should be of complement to each other and not compete for attention. With expert marketing support at our affiliates disposal we know that all our partners are getting the best advice around on their strategies which leads to the best possible results all round.

If affiliates run a mailer campaign then they do not need to be concerned about tracking responses either. As with our banner advertising banner advertising for websites, all the links contained with marketing emails have a unique affiliate code embedded within them meaning that the new players who are generated are linked directly to the affiliates account. This innate ability to track activity also allows affiliates to review the success of their range of mailers and make future strategy decisions based on the results.

Our commitment to our affiliates makes us stand out from the rest so sign up as a ComeOn Connect Affiliate today and gain access to all this and more. Your success is our success so join us and experience just why we are the best choice you will ever make.