First Look Games

First Look Games

As we all know, very often, one of the biggest challenges for affiliates is getting information and marketing assets from game developers or operators that coincides with, or near to, the game launch. First Look Games puts control of content, game information and assets back in the hands of developers and can be automatically passed over to affiliates prior to, or at, game launch. This maximises the opportunity for affiliates to generate content and reviews of their own in time for launch.

With content coming directly from the developer of the game, it also ensures that affiliates are offering players the most up to date and relevant information, while also leading to significant SEO value in getting reviews written prior to or upon launch. What’s more, the information they publish is directly from the game developers, it means it is accurate, true and compliant.

How does it work?

Powered by a bespoke CMS platform, First Look Games has two main areas; the Game Library and First Look Premium.

The Game Library is where affiliates can access a marketing catalogue of games from each developer. This includes game sheets, embeddable demo games, in-game videos, and promotional teasers and all manner of images from big win screenshots to logos to reel symbols, game backgrounds, and promotional banners.

First Look Premium service does this – and more – when game developers are looking to launch a new game to market. These assets are uploaded to a separate location only visible to qualifying affiliates approximately two weeks prior to game launch.

This means affiliates will have ‘first look’ rights on game detail, allowing them to build out content and reviews before their competition and indeed operators which is great news in particular for SEO affiliates.

Additionally, First Look Games also offers affiliates additional services such as content creation and translation.

Our opinion is that First Look Games will be a huge hit with both affiliates and game developers and is a “no-brainer” when it comes to free to use content when looking to market new/existing games. If you’d like to sign up to First Look Games, click here!