The ComeOn Connect banners cover the full range of what our excellent brands have to offer and are hassle free for our partners to implement. We have taken care of the technical side of things, meaning our affiliates don’t have to worry about links and banners being constructed correctly. All our affiliates need to do is choose which of our impressive selection of banners they would like to use and we take care of the rest. You can get started with your marketing campaign as soon as you have signed up as an affiliate so you can apply banners to your website and use them in your emails from the word go.

As well as generating players, the banners contain a unique affiliate code which links them directly to your account. Once a banner is used the player is logged as your referral and you don’t need to be concerned about tracking individuals. Your players will start earning you commissions from the moment they start playing and you can access up to date and detailed information about your account at any time. This innovative system makes all the difference to our affiliates and is just one more reason that we are proud to be one of the best affiliate programmes around.

By gaining access to information on activities our affiliates are able to see which banners and marketing activities are generating the most return for them. Partners can then tailor future marketing to reflect this, ensuring maximum success is achieved. This insight is powerful tool in terms of marketing strategy and allows our affiliates to tailor future approaches to potential players and offer them the most appropriate information.

ComeOn Connect make sure that things are kept simple, easily accessible and that all the required codes are in place meaning that affiliates and players are not required to remember to add any additional information. Affiliates simply implement the banners and players simply click them and sign up – the rest is down to us. This user-friendly approach is one of the greatest appeals of our affiliate scheme and sets us apart from our competition.

If you’re not already a member of our affiliate scheme then get started today and benefit from our effective range of banners as well as all the other marketing tools you will gain access to. As an existing affiliate, make sure you are using the latest creative tools and refresh your banners to engage potential players. Get the most out of being a ComeOn Connect affiliate and realise your earning potential.