How to automate your social media and gain organic followers

Keeping up with the fast paced world of Social Media can seem exhausting, but it doesn’t need to be! There are plenty of handy tools out there to help you automate the process; you spend an hour or so at the beginning of the week and it’s set for the week and you don’t need to worry about it later. While not all of these will apply to gambling, I’ve still included it as I know a few affiliates have projects in other verticals.


Automating: There is a few different tools out there, but my favourite is Hootsuite and Buffer. Both tools allow you to schedule posts, and they’ll post at optimum times so your posts have the most potential. If your Facebook post is supporting a website I wouldn’t recommend posting more than twice a day otherwise it could get spammy. A good rule to stick to is the 70/30 Rules –70% fun and 30% business. If you’re only posting just articles, your users will quickly lose interest.

Organic Followers:
While Facebook advertising works well, it’s not possible with gambling related content. However, there are ways around this. You could run a competition, for let’s say – Free Football tickets. As part of the user’s entry they will need to like (or like and share) your page. Depending on the prize this can have good results, however it can attract freebie hunters so try to keep the prize in your niche so you attract the right type of people.


Automating: Again for twitter I also like to use buffer or hootsuite. They’ll schedule your tweets and optimise your times. You may also want to check out our Twitter Guide for promoting your affiliate site – there are lots of helpful tips for getting started on twitter.

 Organic Followers: Twitter is so fasted paced it would be impossible for you to sit all day and look for people that have the same interests as your site. A good way of attracting attention to your twitter page is by liking other people’s tweets about your niche. I like to use a program called Twitfox, it gives you 3 options – Favourite (and unfavourite after X hours), Retweet (and unretweet after X hours), Follow (and unfollow after X hours). You can insert the keywords or hashtags you’d like to like/retweet or follow with the option to exclude tweets with certain words and ignore certain accounts. Now personally I find following and unfollowing a little spammy, but it does work. You can edit and change your keywords and hashtags at any time so you can change it daily if you wish to keep up with current events.


People have opinions on whether Instagram is suitable for gaming, however I thought I’d include this as it’s a major player in social media and does work well for other types of sites.

Automating: While Instagram is designed to capture the moment, there are tools you can use to schedule your posts so you don’t need to worry about it. One good tool to use is Onlypult, it lets you upload pictures and videos from your desktop and edit photos, add hashtags and geotags and well as providing you with analytics. You’ll also be able to monitor your competitors and easily share content from other accounts.

Organic Followers: You can get followers on Instagram by using popular hashtags, however this process can be time consuming. Another method is liking and/or following other accounts. Again, this can be time consuming too, but there’s a tool for that! I like to use Koalike. It takes a few minutes to set up, you enter the hashtags you want to target and select whether you want to like and/or follow with the option to follow after 24 hours. I find that liking without following is less spammy and works well. Depending on your hashtags Koalike would like 2000+ photos a day so your account will be getting a lot of attention on your niche.

So there you have, these are our Social Media secrets. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.