EuroLotto CPA booster – May/June 2017

The EuroLotto CPA booster has now been extended until the end of July!

At, we are in a Lotto Jackpot Rollover extravaganza!!!

  • The next EuroMillions Superdraw is taking place on 30th June with 100 Million

You can become a winner too – just send new depositing players to and you could be quids in with our CPA Booster promotion!

What you can earn:

Revenue Share Affiliates
1 – 10 NDC = €25 extra per player
11 – 25 NDC = €40 extra per player
26+ NDC = €60 extra per player

Affiliate A sends 27 NDC, he will earn €250 for his 1st 10 NDC, €600 for his next 15 NDC and €120 for his final 2 NDC = a total of total extra earning of €970
Affiliate B sends 11 NDC, they will earn €250 for 1st 10 NDC and €40 for the other 1 adding up to a total extra earning of €290

Its super easy to take part, the more “New Depositing Customers” you send us, the more you can earn in holiday cash!

Contact us to Opt In!


Terms and Conditions
1. This offer is valid from 15th May 2017 – 31st July 2017 (midnight EST). Any New Depositing Players referred prior or after these dates will be void from the promotion.

  1. Only new depositing customers sent to the following brand are eligible for this promotion –
  2. To qualify as a “New Depositing Player” for the NCPA Booster promotion the player must be:
    a. New to the brand, register an account, make a total deposit of at least €20 and have some wagering activity within the promotional period of 16th May 2017 –30th June 2017 (midnight CET).
  3. Affiliates must email the team at [email protected] to “Opt in” to this promotion.
  4. This offer is exclusive and restricted to the username attached to the email address and will include all sites linked to that username e.g. one affiliate has multiple sites if he meets or exceeds the targets on one or all of those sites he will get one bonus payment.
  5. Only affiliates that have personally received an email or internal message from CherryAffiliates with the details of this incentive and have “opted in” are eligible to participate in this promotion.
  6. The “CPA Booster” Rewards earned will be paid along with your affiliate earnings for June
  7. Affiliates that are currently on a CPA or Hybrid are exempt from taking part in this promotion.
  8. All players sent during this promotion will be checked to ensure that no fraudulent activity is taking place. Any affiliate suspected of such behaviour will be exempt from the promotion.
  9. CherryAffiliates retains the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time with 24 hours’ notice.
  10. For further clarification please read the full CherryAffiliates Terms and Conditions.