We offer one of the most well-supported affiliate schemes out there, and we are proud of the network that we have created. In everything we do we look to reward all our partners, and that includes rewarding them for new affiliates they bring on board. As well as offering awards for all the new players our affiliates attract, we also ensure that they are recognised for the new affiliates they refer. As a sub-affiliate, you have another opportunity to generate income. The benefit of the scheme is the commission earned by the sub-affiliate which ensures that our valued partners continue to earn alongside all the new affiliates they have referred. Our sub-affiliates don’t need to have any concerns about referring a new affiliate because they will ultimately profit from their success – everybody wins!

Our sub-affiliate scheme pays 10% of ‘sub-affiliate’ generated net revenue to the ‘parent’ affiliate. This means that the better the affiliate you introduce to us, the more money you can expect to earn. There is no reason not to sign up now for our super affiliate programme and the more new affiliates you introduce to us, the more income you will generate for yourself in commissions.

Many of our successful affiliates make the transition to sub-affiliate and can’t believe they didn’t do it sooner! You can sign up almost instantly and start to refer new affiliates straight away. The support system in place will ensure that you make the most of the marketing tools at your disposal and there is always someone available to answer any of your questions. Referrals can be made in confidence as well; you can rest assured that anyone you send on to us will receive the same high level of attention that you are accustomed to experiencing.

Start the process today: register as a sub-affiliate and begin to refer partners to the Comeon Connect Affiliates programme straight away. You could join our most successful team and start to earn sub-affiliate commission instantly