ComeOn! Connect with Cash

Are you ready to win a share of our €40K prize pool!?!

Calling all affiliates on a revenue share reward plan, we are offering you the chance to get your hands on some extra CASH! Now we have 13 brands under our ComeOn Connect program we want to give each and everyone of you a chance to play for this massive prize pool.

We will have a leaderboard for each brand for the month of March and the top three affiliates sending the maximum NDC’s for each brand will earn a part of the prize pool. Affiliates can compete in as many leaderboards as they wish, all they need to do is email [email protected] to opt in. We’ll have tables on our ComeOn Connect site throughout the month to track your progress. For this could you please state if you’d prefer your account username or affiliate ID listed in the tables.

Please find below the amounts on offer for the 13 brands:

Folkeautomaten and Mobilautomaten:

Prize Pool: €4,000
1st: €2,000
2nd: €1,250
3rd: €750

ComeOn! and Mobilebet

Prize Pool: €3,500
1st: €2,000
2nd: €1,000
3rd: €500

GetLucky, Eurolotto, EuroSlots, NorgesSpill and SveaCasino

Prize Pool: €3,000
1st: €1,500
2nd: €1,000
3rd: €500

CasinoStugan, SuomiKasino, CherryCasino and SuomiAutomaatti

Prize Pool: €2,500
1st: €1,250
2nd: €750
3rd: €500

You’ll have until the end of March to opt in for your chance to win! Please find the full T&Cs below:

Terms and Conditions

Comeon Connect Cash Comp!

General Terms and Conditions

1)      This offer is valid from 1st March 2018 – 31st March 2018 (midnight CET). Any New Depositing Customers referred prior or after these dates will be void from the promotion.

2)      Please be aware that only affiliates that have personally received this incentive via email are eligible to participate and this offer cannot be extended to third-parties.

3)      This offer is exclusive and restricted to the username attached to the email address and will include all sites linked to that username e.g. one affiliate has multiple sites if he meets or exceeds the targets on one or all of those sites he will get one bonus payment.

4)      Any cash bonuses will be paid along with any affiliate earnings from March within the 1st 10 days of April

6)      Comeon! Connect retains the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time with 24 hours’ notice. Updates will be via the Comeon! Connect blog.

7)            Affiliates are required to “Opt In” to this promotion

  1. a) Please email [email protected] stating the username of the accounts to be opted in with
  2. b) Affiliates have until 31st March to opt in

8)            The top 10 affiliates for each NDC race will be displayed on brand leaderboards (link) for the promotional period. Usernames will be used for this purpose, if you do not want your username displayed, please ensure that this clearly noted in your opt in email and provide alternative identifying name to use.

7)      For further clarification please read the full Terms and Conditions.

To qualify as a “New Depositing Customers” for Comeon! Connect Cash Comp promotion the player must be:

New to any of our casino’s, register an account, deposit at least €50 within the promotional period of 1st March 2018– 31st March 2018 (midnight CET).

Affiliates who are currently on a CPA reward plan or on a hybrid deal will be exempt from this bonus.

The total prize pool is €40,000 split as follows and we will award the top 3 affiliates for each brand:


Brand Total Prize Pool 1st prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
ComeOn €3,500 €2,000 €1,000 €500
MobileBet €3,500 €2,000 €1,000 €500
CasinoStugan €2,500 €1,250 €750 €500
Folkeautomaten €4,000 €2,000 €1,250 €750
Mobilautomaten €4,000 €2,000 €1,250 €750
GetLucky €3,000 €1,500 €1000 €500
SuomiKasino €2,500 €1,250 €750 €500
CherryCasino €2,500 €1,250 €750 €500
EuroSlots €3,000 €1,500 €1000 €500
EuroLotto €3,000 €1,500 €1000 €500
Norgesspill €3,000 €1,500 €1000 €500
SveaCasino €3,000 €1,500 €1000 €500
SuomiAutomaatti €2,500 €1,250 €750 €500


Affiliates that are placed 1-3 on each leaderboard at the end of the promotion period will be contacted via email.