Barcelona build-up

The Barcelona Affiliate Conference is fast approaching and is always a highlight of the year.

All conferences are something to look forward to, despite being very hard work for the vendors and affiliate programs that attend. What many people inside and outside of the business don’t appreciate is the months of planning that goes into these events by each exhibitor in order to offer the affiliates & other potential business partners the best experience possible.

Once at the conference, each exhibiting brand has to be on form from 8 am till 2 am for 3 days straight. Through all the meetings, lunches, dinners, seminars, presentations and nights out. These are fantastic occasions with the opportunity to meet new partners and catch up with friends and affiliates that you’ve known for years. But it is hard work!

One thing that does make it easier for all of us are the beautiful cities that we get to visit. Personally, this will be my 3rd visit to the Catalan capital and I am as excited to get there this time as I was the first time. Everything about the place is buzzing, from the cafes to the bars to the beaches, all of which are full of vibrant city-folk who flock to this epicentre of Spanish chic. It really does differ from the rest of Spain with its incredible architecture and vibrant atmosphere. It all comes together with the attendees of the conference who seem to be powered by the city, it’s buzz and overall splendour.

Cherry will be there on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the relaunch of the affiliate program and about our fantastic brands. So if you are attending and you want to get together for a coffee and chat about future plans, drop us an email – [email protected]