Another day, Another technical masterpiece

It’s been a heavy week at Cherry Towers. We have been working full steam to complete several challenging projects that have taken months of head-scratching, coffee-drinking and last minute phone calls to the delights of our better halves cancelling dinner dates and meeting in-laws.

But, all of this had a purpose. We dreamt big and wanted to offer all of our business partners and players the best experience possible. For 8 months we have been constructing the latest casino technology – not only front-end for the user, but back-end for the company itself, to make all our lives easier.

Part of this major project was the new affiliate system. We realised that with the new technological advancements in web-based commerce, we needed to provide a system of tracking customer activity that matched up. Our partners create the best functioning sites around, so they should expect the same level of forward thinking from us.

Created from the ground up, this new tracking software really is revolutionary and can stand up against many of the affiliate ‘giants’ that have been around for years.

We felt that this monopoly by a few companies had actually created an opportunity in the market. Sometimes success breeds contempt and we felt that those who were seen as ‘pioneers’ of this field really weren’t as visionary as they seemed, but were happier to bask in their (well deserved till now) success and had not pushed the envelope for a while.

As a new product, we need to be a the cutting-edge of technology and provide something to the marketplace that will not only stand up alongside them but will show what opportunities they have missed.

It’s all a bit hush-hush for the time being, but the launch in a couple of weeks will prove pivotal for many of us here. Big things are expected and we will deliver.