5 ways to stay productive when working from home

Most affiliates, like yourself, will generally work from home when they start out or even decide to stay at home as they grow bigger. While working from home sounds appealing at first, when you actually get round to it – it can actually be a lot different. There is many distractions in the home – TV, Family, Housework, social media sites. While there is no problem checking Facebook, catching a show on TV or spending some time with your family, it’s important to remind yourself your “at work” and too much or too many of these things can decrease your overall productivity. You’ll be amazed how much time you can actually spend procrastinating with just 5 minutes here and there.

We thought we’d share our favourite tips with you to help keep you motivated:

1) Separate work and home – It’s generally a good idea to have a dedicated work space, this way when you go there you know you are there to work. Also when you are finished – try to avoid that area.

2) Treat working from home like a real job – You don’t need to wear a suit to your home office, but get up and have a shower and eat some breakfast. You’ll be less motivated when staying in pyjamas all day.

3) Interact with the real world – Spending hours on end isolated isn’t good for you. Go to the local shop for some milk, or take your laptop to a coffee shop. You don’t necessarily have to speak to people, just being around other humans will be enough so you don’t feel isolated.

4) Take regular breaks – Try to take breaks as you would at any office job – coffee breaks, lunch break not to mention giving your eyes a rest every hour or so. Small breaks will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

5) Make lists and split tasks – It’s easy to get lost in a pile of work when you are unsure of your priorities. Make lists of all your tasks for the day/week/ month and split them into 90-minute segments and alternate between them so you don’t lose interest.

We hope you found this article useful – We’d love to know your top tips?