5 Handy WordPress Plugins For Your Website


Never lose a click again when buying an old domain or dealing with a domain with expired content. This handy little tool also removes all 404’s which will help with your SEO. It’s very easy to use and as default sends 301 to your home page (or a page of your choosing)

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This security plugin continuously prevents, patrols and protects your WordPress websites against today’s ultra-advanced cyber attacks, hacks and online security threats. It also allows you to block IPs, countries and fake google bots.

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An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress that eliminates comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam. It works invisibly without CAPTCHAs, or other inconvenience to site visitors. This WordPress plugin includes spam-blocking contact form feature, and protects your site from spam user registrations as well.

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Easily Optimise your wordpress site with one plugin with this handy tool. Set it up and forget. Input your API keys for google/bing, render your sitemap and sumbit. After that all your simply need to do is follow the guides when creating content.

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As your wordpress site expands it will become more and more difficult to monitor all the content you have created, broken link checker will send you an email when outbound links or internal go offline, this will give you the chance to refresh expired content or simply redirect to a more up to date offer or product.

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