World Cup 2018

Affiliate World Cup

World Cup 2018 is the time when the best of the best faceoff to see who the best in the world is! The ComeOn Connect Affiliate World Cup will show us exactly who are the best affiliates in the world!

Affiliates will have the chance to prove they are the best when it comes to affiliation at ComeOn Connect. Affiliates will contest from June 1st up until July 31st to earn points towards their overall score and their position on the leaderboard to win their part of the World Cup €20018 prize pool.

As in the World Cup, affiliates will be drawn into three groups based on their historical performance with us. Then the top 5 affiliates from each tier will win one of the prizes on offer.

Affiliates can earn points on the leaderboards in the following ways:

  • 1 point will be awarded for each NDC sent.
  • 3 points will be awarded for every €3K in Net Revenue sent.

NDC amounts will count across all 13 brands and will be added together to give an overall total. Net Revenue will also be added together from all brands, but negative amounts would carry over between brands for the purpose of the promotion.

The top five prizes for each tier will be as follows:

Group A  – Prize pool – €10K

  1. €4000
  2. €2250
  3. €1750
  4. €1250
  5. €1018

Group B – Mixed Rewards – Prize pool – €5K + Merchandise

  1. €2500 + Replica football
  2. €1000 + Replica football
  3. €750 + Replica football
  4. €500 + Replica football
  5. €250 + Replica football
  6. Replica football
  7. Replica football
  8. Replica football
  9. Replica football
  10. Replica football

Group C – Revenue Share Only – Prize pool – €5K + Merchandise

  1. €2500 + Jersey
  2. €1000 + Jersey
  3. €750 + Jersey
  4. €500 + Jersey
  5. €250 + Jersey
  6. Jersey
  7. Jersey
  8. Jersey
  9. Jersey
  10. Jersey

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Please find the full T&Cs below:
Affiliate World Cup with ComeOn Connect

General Terms and Conditions

1)            This offer is valid from 1st June 2018 – 31st July 2018 (midnight CET). Any New Depositing Customers and Net Revenue referred prior or after these dates will be void from the promotion.

2)            Please be aware that only affiliates that have personally received this incentive via email are eligible to participate and this offer cannot be extended to third-parties.

3)            Any cash bonuses will be paid along with any affiliate earnings from July within the 1st 10 days of August

4)            Comeon! Connect retains the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time with 24 hours’ notice. Updates will be via the Comeon! Connect blog.

5)            Affiliates are required to “Opt-In” to this promotion
               a) Please “opt-in” via the form on the “€20018 Affiliate World Cup” blog on
               b) NOTE; you can only take in this promotion if you also have a Cherry Affiliates account! Create your Cherry Affiliates account here.
               b) Affiliates have until 30th June to opt-in

6)            The top 5 affiliates for each leaderboard group will be displayed on leaderboards ( for the promotional period. Requested display names will be used for this purpose.

7)            For further clarification please read the full Terms and Conditions.

To qualify as a “New Depositing Customers” for Comeon! Connect Cash Comp promotion the player must be:

New to any of our brand’s, register an account, deposit at least €50 within the promotional period of 1st June 2018– 31st July 2018 (midnight CET).

Affiliates that are placed in prize-winning positions on each leaderboard at the end of the promotion period will be contacted via email regarding their prize.