10 things that happen to affiliate managers

1) You show up for work tired because you’ve been up half the night talking to affiliates in different time zones

2) You have a new affiliate with no traffic demanding a $500 CPA and wonder where they get their ideas from

3) You sometimes have to put up with aggressive affiliates…..mostly for no reason

4) But you enjoy helping affiliates with genuine issues

5) Sometimes you end up doing the affiliates job for them….but it’s all part of your job so you don’t complain

6) You spend hours gathering material for an affiliate, only for them not to use it…

7) You’re an excellent multi tasker, you can skype and take a phone call at the same time

8) An affiliate conference is round the corner and you know you’re not going sleep for 3 days, but you’re looking forward to seeing everyone

9) Having to explain to people outside the industry what you do, and them never understanding it so you just say “marketing”

10) And at the end of the day, you love what you do and wouldn’t swap it for anything else